Mozzarella Sticks

5 Breaded, Deep-Fried Mozzarella Cheese served w/Ranch or Marinara for Dipping


Spicy Cheese Bites

 Breaded, Deep-Fried Cubes of Hot Cheese


Wisconsin Cheese Curd

Beer Battered, Deep-Fried Mild, Salty, Fresh in Flavored Cheese


Spicy Pub Pickles

Seasoned, Breaded, Deep-Fried Pickle Chips w/Ranch for Dipping


Breaded Mushrooms

Breaded, Deep-Fried Mushrooms


Busters Bangarang Shrimp

10 Golden Fried Shrimp Tossed in a creamy and ever so slightly spicy sweet Thai Chili Sauce


Buffalo Bills Shrimp

10 Golden Fried Shrimp Tossed in a Medium Buffalo Sauce


Basket of Fries or Tots

Golden Fried Waffle Fries or Tater Tots


W/Nacho Cheese – $5.59

W/Chili and Cheese$6.89


Onion Ring Basket

“Brew City” Golden Fried Beer Battered Onion Rings


Mini Corn Dogs

10 Mini Hot Dog pieces battered w/a Honey Corn breading & Golden Fried



Golden Fried Tatter Tots smothered with warm Nacho Cheese, topped with chopped Bacon, Green Onion, and a Dollop of Sour Cream


Tortilla Chips w/Nacho Cheese & Salsa

A Basket of fresh fried Tortilla Chips, Nacho Cheese, & our fresh Salsa


Elote Mexican Grilled Corn Bite

Breaded Deep-Fried Seasoned Charred Corn Kernels with Lime, Garlic, Green Onion, Cilantro, Chili and Smoked Paprika mixed with a Blend of Five Cheeses, Including Cotija and Crema


Loaded Quesadilla

Giant butter grilled tortilla filled with melted Cheddar Jack, Tomato, Chopped Bacon, Black Olives, Jalapenos, & Green Onions. Served w/Sour Cream & Salsa.

Chicken – $9.89, Steak – $10.99

Baja Fresh Quesadilla

Spinach Tortilla Filled with Grilled Chopped Chicken Breast, Swiss Cheese, Tomato, Chopped Bacon, and Green Onions. Served w/Sour Cream & Salsa



Fresh fried tortilla chips covered with our Nacho Cheese sauce and topped with our Taco Seasoned Beef, Tomato, Black Olives, Jalapenos & Green Onions


Substitute Chicken for $.89

Substitute BBQ Pork for $1.29

Salad Plates

All Salads Served on a Bed of Mixed Greens, w/sliced Cucumbers, Diced Tomatoes, Shredded Cheddar Jack Cheese, & Croutons

Chef Salad

Diced Ham, Turkey, & Hard Boiled Egg


Greco Cuban Salad

Mixed Salad Greens tossed with Cubed Deli Ham, Turkey, Feta Cheese, Green Olives, Diced Tomatoes, Garlic Croutons, and tossed in a Greek Vinaigrette Dressing


Chicken Your Way Salad

Golden Fried Chicken or Seasoned Grilled Chicken Breast, spice it up in Medium or Hot Wing Sauce


w/ Blue Cheese Crumbles – $.35

Taco Salad 

Served in a Deep-Fried Tortilla shell filled with Lettuce Mix, Shredded Cheese, diced Tomatoes, Black Olives, Jalapeno slices & Green Onions. Served w/Salsa & Sour Cream & Choice season

w/ Beef – $6.99

w/Chicken – $7.89

Wings & Tenders

Wings are served as an even ratio of drums and flaps.


Your choice of Breaded or Naked Bone-In Wings Fried Crispy and Tossed in your choice of Hot, Medium, Bash Brothers Honey Jalapeno or BBQ Sauce

6 – $8.29

10 – $12.29

20 – $22.29

Nacho Ordinary Wings

10 Breaded Wings, Deep-Fried & drizzled w/warm Nacho Cheese & topped with chopped Bacon & Sliced Jalapenos


Little Busters Chicken Strip Basket

Chicken Tenders Basket

Four Golden Fried Breaded Chicken Tenders served w/French Fries & Cole Slaw


Busters – Derby’s Best Hamburgers

All our Burgers are fresh, never frozen, 1/3 lb. Patties served on a Butter Grilled Bun unless otherwise noted. Sub Pretzel bun on any burger for $.75

Note:   Doubles are Better, Triples are the Best!
Double +$2.49 Triples +$4.49 Quad +$5.99

Add: Grilled Mushrooms – $.60, Grilled Onions – $.60, Grilled Jalapenos – $.60, Bacon – $1.99, Egg – $.89, Cheese – $.50

The Original Buster

Grilled Onions, Yellow Mustard & Dill Pickle Slices


Add Cheese $.50

Mushroom Swiss

Fresh sliced Mushrooms grilled and piled atop Melted Swiss Cheese


All American

Lettuce, Tomatoes, Pickles & onions w/melted Yellow American Cheese



Grilled Ham w/Swiss, American and BBQ Sauce served on grilled Texas Toast


Station #81 Firehouse

Smoked Ghost Pepper Cheese w/Grilled Jalapenos, Fried Onion Rings & Sriracha Mayo



Thick sliced Bacon w/Cheddar Cheese & Smokey Chipotle Mayo


The Notorious P.I.G.

BBQ Pulled Pork, thick sliced Bacon, & BBQ Sauce w/melted Cheddar Cheese


You Don’t Know Jack Melt

Bacon, Pepper Jack Cheese & Chipotle Mayo on White Toast


Chili Cheese

Meaty Chili over American Cheese


Triple B

Black Pepper Crusted Burger w/Bacon, Blue Cheese Crumbles, Grilled Onions & Sliced Cheddar on a Butter Grilled Pretzel Bun


Double Gut Buster

Two 1/3 lb. Patties w/American Cheese, 4 slices of Bacon served between two Cheddar Grilled Cheese Sandwiches with Lettuce, Tomatoes, Onions, & Pickles


Be Eggcellent to Each Other

Thick sliced Bacon w/Cheddar Cheese, BBQ Sauce topped with an over-easy Egg


The Ball-Park Burger

A Hot Butter Toasted Pretzel Bun, American Cheese, All Beef Sheboygan, Pickles & Yellow Mustard


Loaded Fry Platters

All Served on 1 lb. of Cheddar Jack Smothered Crispy Waffle Fries

Anchor Fries

Golden Fried Chopped Chicken Tenders tossed in Medium Buffalo Sauce w/Diced Tomatoes, Green Onions, and drizzled w/ Ranch or Blue Cheese Dressing


Barn Yard Ranch Fries

Fresh grilled, chopped Chicken & Bacon w/diced Tomatoes & Green Onions all drizzled with Ranch dressing


Brotherly Love Steak Fries

Seasoned Steak Grilled w/fresh Onions, Green Peppers, and Mushrooms mixed with creamy White American Cheese & Drizzled w/ our Homemade Horseradish Cream Sauce


Busters Home Town Fries

A chopped up Burger Patty with two pieces of Bacon w/Diced Tomatoes, Green Onions, & Pickles drizzled w/Thousand Island Dressing


Enchilada Platters

Deluxe Enchilada Platter

Smothered Beef Enchilada covered and smothered in our Meaty Chili Cheese Sauce and Topped w/Onion Jalapenos, Diced Tomatoes, Black Olives, and a Dollop of Sour Cream



Note: All Sandwiches, Wraps, & Burgers served w/Chips or Cole Slaw. Substitute Fries or Tots, $1.29 or Onion Rings for $2.99

Add to ANY Sandwich, Wrap, or Burger: Grilled Mushrooms – $.60, Grilled Onions – $.60, Grilled Jalapenos – $.60, Bacon – $1.99, Egg – $.89, Cheese (American, Swiss, Pepper Jack, Cheddar, and Ghost Pepper) – $.50

Pulled Pork Melt

Butter grilled Texas Toast w/melted Cheddar, Two Slices of Bacon and piled high with Warm BBQ Pulled Pork and a Scoop of our Fresh Cole Slaw



Generous portions of Ham & Turkey w/Bacon, Lettuce, Tomato, & American Cheese on White Toast



Thick sliced Bacon, generously piled on Texas Toast w/fresh Lettuce & Tomatoes



Fresh sliced Corned Beef w/melted Swiss, Sauerkraut, & 1,000 Island Dressing on Marble Rye



Your choice of Sliced Sirloin Steak or White Meat Chicken grilled w/sliced fresh Onions, Peppers, & Mushrooms smothered in creamy White American Cheese on a Fresh Hoagie Bun


Hot Ham & Swiss

Fresh sliced Deli Ham served warm w/ Melted Swiss & Dijon Mayo on a Butter Grilled Pretzel Bun


Ultimate Grilled Cheese

Butter grilled Texas Toast Loaded w/Swiss, Cheddar, American & Deep Fried Mozzarella Sticks


Bacon Grilled Cheese

Thick Sliced Bacon and American Cheese pressed between Butter Grilled Texas Toast


Busters Yard Bird Sandwich

Choice of Fresh grilled and seasoned Chicken Breast or Crispy Fried Breast topped w/Pepper jack Cheese, two slices of Bacon, Lettuce, Tomatoes, & Sriracha Mayo on a Butter Grilled Bun


Focaccia Sandwiches

Turkey Pesto

Fresh sliced Deli Turkey warmed on the grill w/Sweet Roasted Red Bell Peppers, Melted Swiss Cheese & Basil Pesto Mayo on a Butter Grilled Focaccia Bun


Grilled or Fried Chicken Breast – $11.89

The CubaN

Butter Grilled Focaccia Bread loaded up with Warm Deli Ham, Smoked Pulled Pork, and Topped with Swiss, Yellow Mustard, and Sliced Dill Pickles



All wraps Served in a Fresh Flour Tortilla w/mixed Salad Greens & Fresh Tomatoes

Turkey Ranch Club

Sliced Deli Turkey w/American Cheese, Bacon, and Fresh Ranch Dressing


Southwest Turkey

Sliced Deli Turkey w/Ghost Pepper Cheese, Chipotle Mayo & Bacon


Buffalo Bird

Deep-Fried, Chopped Chicken Tenders tossed in Medium or Hot Buffalo Sauce w/Sliced Cheddar and Blue Cheese Crumbles


Chicken Ranch

Deep-Fried, Chopped Chicken Tenders, American Cheese, with Fresh Ranch Dressing


Kids Menu

All kids’ menu items $4.99 w/potato chips. Sub Fries or Tots $1.29

Chicken Tenders 


Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Grilled Chicken Breast


 Cheese Quesadilla


Mini Corn Dogs 


Jr. Buster Burger




Coke/Diet Coke/Sprite/Root Beer/Lemonade/ Dr. Pepper


Iced Tea & Coffee



Flavored Iced Tea